Resolving Unreadable iPhoto library Photos Issue

Are you encountering iPhoto library is unreadable & like errors when opening & accessing iPhoto folders. In a case as such, it is quite possible for users to loose access to their files and the application may perform all abruptly and may even generate erroneous messages which states that the library is in use by another application. To get over this very problem of unreadable or say damaged library items, it is necessary to find the underlying issue in order to restore lost photo from library.

Due to aforesaid reason, you may receive problems like iPhoto keep crashing when try to run on photo stream or completely become inaccessible. As the cause responsible for the same may range from simple glitch with the application to that of complex corruption issue striking the application database & alike. If the application restart does not work to get it fixed. The next suggestion to be opted there out is rebuilding iPhoto and this could be accomplished by starting up the application with command + Ctrl options enabled.

How to fix iPhoto is either in use by another application or has become unreadable problem?

If, all else fails it is recommended starting from the very beginning or say a new library is to be created and the original photos (from iPhoto 09) imported in order to open deleted iPhoto folder. Alternatively, the master's folder for iPhoto 11 may also be used to import images. The steps for the same follows as given -

  • The existing library folder should first be moved to desktop
  • Control + click to open the library package
  • Launch the application and select the option for creating a new library
  • Drag & drop the library folder pictures

With this, your new library is created having all the events as the original one excepting the metadata, books, slideshows, albums and other project information. So, this way you end up creating a new iPhoto library folder recovery that has all your pictures, also the original one is unaffected and other fixes could be implemented as well.

Apart from that for having access to your damaged iPhoto items – the XML & metadata information & lot more or to have your original item repaired & restored consider using iPhoto recovery software. iPhoto recovery scans the folder items to have the missing and damaged items recovered back. So, if you are finding messages as iPhoto library has become unreadable after upgrade, or any other reason opt for the fix now.