iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your library – how to fix the problem

iPhoto although an equipped application is sometimes found to respond in somewhat unusual manner and it is when you wont be able to continue with proper processing of the photos stored in the application database. One such issue discussed over here is that of “iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your library” which automatically results into problem importing photo from iPhoto library.

In a scenario as such when user tries to insert the SD card into iPhoto, it will launch & would generate warnings & error messages that states as -'iPhoto has detected inconsistencies'. This further says to select & repair corrupted iPhoto in order to avoid potential damage to the system.

Still, what is seen in most cases is that repair process goes in loop, taking too long to complete & may even iPhoto freezes or hangs at times. More obviously , what is noted in most of the cases is that even if it turns out completely, it does not import any of the photos. The problems continues thereon and may also turn “unrecognized files: 285” errors for your system, with all the pictures listed. And in any situation as such, the very issue is found to occur repeatedly, no matter how many tried for to be resolved.

Definitely, as the issue name itself suggests their exists some problem in the iPhoto library folder itself, there can be different reasons for the same – including the photos your are importing or the SD card from where it is being imported. Errors with the hard drive or other system components too can lead to the very issue requiring immediate fix.

How to fix iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your library error?

Here are suggested some ways that can be tried for in order to resolve the library folder issues -

  1. Instead of importing photos from the camera memory card, consider moving it to system hard drive once and the same can thereafter be imported to iPhoto
  2. If you are short of hard disk space, try deleting some items and re-import afterwards

If, these does not help you get rid of the trouble then the iPhoto library rebuilt is required. If, even this does not work you need to opt for effective utility for iPhoto recovery. With iPhoto recovery, you will be able to get rid of all problems existing in the very library once & for all, to be able to recover deleted photos from library with efficiency.